Lil Wayne Gets into Fight with Cameraman at Super Bowl 2013 – Video

Rapper doesn’t like to be touched when he doesn’t ask to be touched

Lil Wayne already has a reputation of a troublemaker but, at least, he knows when to walk away from a fight. Check out the video above to see him get into an altercation with a cameraman at the Super Bowl 2013 over the weekend.

The first part of the vid shows the rapper yelling at the cameraman to “look at me mother[expletive]-er, look at me when you apologize.”

Later, presumably after he’s cooled down, he explains to another reporter that he’s decided to leave the Superdome because one cameraman touched / shoved him and he doesn’t want to be arrested by calling him out on it.

“I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch somebody, I go to jail, because they’re not the same color I am,” he says of the altercation.

No word yet on who was right in this, or if the cameraman really shoved the rapper in the crowd.

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