Like It or Not, Everyone Is Moving to the New Twitter

Twitter is getting ready to make the full switch over to the new Twitter, introduced many months ago. While the new Twitter became available to everyone in October last year, users still had the option to choose the older website if, for some reason, they didn't like the new one.

Now though, that option will be gone, Twitter has announced that it will be going 100 percent new Twitter by the end of the week. If you're still running the old version, you will be upgraded, no questions asked.

"If you're currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you'll be upgraded to New Twitter this week," Twitter said.

There's not much more information from Twitter, but there don't seem to be any loopholes, you'll have to live with the new Twitter or, of course, choose one of the many apps and third-party clients.

Maintaining two versions of the site can be a hassle for any company, not to mention the fact that new features won't show up in the old version of the site.

Maintaining compatibility is not fun, nor lucrative, not to mention the fact that Twitter wants to add more advertising options. It doesn't want to miss out on potential revenue just because some people prefer the old version or just don't like change.

Practically speaking, there is little reason not to move to the new Twitter. Ever since it was introduced, it has been praised as a huge improvement and a big step towards functionality and flexibility found only in third-party apps at that time.

The two-pane layout, with a mobile twitter feed and a fixed right sidebar, has proven to be great for Twitter and other websites have been inspired by it. The very new Twitter website for the iPad borrows more than a couple of cues from the new Twitter.

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