Light Therapy Panels Installed in Bus Station Chase Away Winter Dullness

30 minutes of light therapy makes our day significantly brighter

With the winter gloomy days just about to come, the Swedish energy company Umea Energy came up with light therapy panels to turn the dullness brighter.

Light panels were installed in 30 bus stops in a town in Northern Sweden, where during wintertime the locals can enjoy not more than five hours of sunlight a day, GOOD reports.

Previous research has shown that the light plays a great role in treating the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that brings a strong wave of melancholy and depression amid people. The dysfunctions occur as a consequence of light insufficiency which causes an increased melatonin secretion, a hormone responsible for sleep regulation.

Umea officials say 30 minutes of watching the panels while waiting in the bus station are enough to chase the gloomy mood away.

The SAD problem has determined intense research and therefore various solutions have been found, the light therapy panels honorably making their way among them.

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