Libvirt 1.0.0 Released, Brings Support for Xen 4.2

The developers also celebrate the seventh anniversary

Libvirt, a collection of software that provides a convenient way to manage virtual machines and other virtualization functionality, such as storage and network interface management, is now at version 1.0.0.

Libvirt 1.0.0 not only marks an important milestone in the development, but it also marks the seventh birthday of the project.

“Well we just crossed that important milestone in the life of any project, so congratulation everybody the 1.0.0 release is out !!! For a bit of history, this is actually the 7th birthday of the project accounted from the first commit, on Nov 2 2005, public from day one!” stated on of the Red Hat developers, Daniel Veillard.

“CVS converted commit labelled "Initial revision" 2005-11-02 20:50:21 At the time I had one hypervisor (Xen) to play with, and except the general idea and some of the earlier entry point there is nothing left from that first commit, and that is just fine,” ended Veillard.

A little over one month has passed since the previous update and over 350 commits have been implemented.

Besides the large number of changes, Libvirt developers also announced that now there are ten languages with near complete translations.

Highlights of Libvirt 1.0:

• Public API has been defined (virNodeGetCPUMap);

• systemd journal support has been added, thanks to Daniel P. Berrange;

• A qemu capabilities cache manager has been added;

• USB migration support has been implemented;

• Various improvement and fixes when using QMP QEmu interface have been implemented;

• The RPM build has been fixed for non-x86 platforms;

• Support for Xen 4.2 has been implemented;

• Detection of Xen sysctl version 9 has been fixed;

• Disabling of apparmor and selinux security drivers has been fixed;

• Set arch to i686 if qemu-system-i386 is found;

• A crash which occurred with cleanup has been fixed.

Consult the official changelog for a complete list of updates and bug fixes.

Download Libvirt 1.0 right now from Softpedia.

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