LibreOffice 4.0.1 RC1 Is Available for Testing, Features Improvements to PDF Security

The latest version of LibreOffice can be downloaded from Softpedia

The Document Foundation has announced that the final version for LibreOffice 4.0.1 RC1 is now available for the Linux platform, bringing a lot of bugfixes and improvements.

According to The Document Foundation, starting with version 4.0.0, the LibreOffice installer files have a new naming scheme. The most important is that "LibO" is replaced by "LibreOffice" in the names – so if you uses scripts to download the packages, you will have them updated to the new schema.

The new LibreOffice 4.0.1 RC1 boasts itself with some pretty interesting features, including the ability to attach comments to document text ranges, extra word boundary characters, the ability to import ink annotations from DOCX and RTF documents, import / export support for native RTF math expressions, and much more.

Highlights of LibreOffice 4.0.1 RC1:

• The PDF export security tab no longer incorrectly claims that the empty password is allowed;

• Autofilter is no longer sorting values with international letters first and then ABC;

• Using function names other than English, switching 'Use English function names' from On to Off is now done automatically;

• Drawing text with a font size 0 no longer causes artifacts;

• The default paths for exporting documents and PDFs has been corrected;

• Win2K has been removed from list of system-requirements;

• A crash which occurred when the user pasted in outline view after a slideshow, has been corrected;

• The Document Statistics shell extension has been translated;

• The printer list is no longer missing its border in Print dialog;

• The Writer no longer crashes when trying to delete cell from a table.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of updates and new features.

Download LibreOffice 4.0.1 RC1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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