Levi's Gets 501,000 Reasons to “Detox,” Courtesy of Greenpeace

This fashion brand is poisoning Mexican rivers, the organization claims

Having dealt with Zara and its not so environmentally-friendly ways, Greenpeace is now targeting fashion brand Levi's. It says that, despite what its official statements claim, this company is anything but committed to making sure its working agenda does not negatively impact on the environment.

To cut a long story short, Greenpeace maintains that, according to their investigations, Levi's must be held accountable for having released whopping amounts of harmful chemical compounds into Mexican rivers.

As Greenpeace explains, water samples taken from the discharge pipes of two manufacturing facilities listed as Levi's suppliers (Lavamex and Kaltex) contained “a cocktail of hazardous chemicals.”

“One of the facilities was also found to be discharging nonylphenol, a chemical used in textile manufacturing that has already been banned in many countries,” reads Greenpeace's website.

The environmentalists working with this organization wished to emphasize that, “This chemical is very persistent and remains toxic even as it works its way through the food chain. It is able to act as a hormone disrupter, accumulate in the tissue of fish and has recently been detected in human tissue.”

Apparently, the manufacturing industries now up and running in Mexico are not required by law to inform ordinary folk about the chemicals their discharge in the environment, which makes it much easier for them to go about their work undisturbed.

What angers Greenpeace the most is the fact that, not very long ago, the President and CEO of Levi Strauss and Co, Chip Bergh, said that, “From the way we make our products to how we run the company, we’re committed to restoring the environment.”

“Consumers expect this from us, employees demand it, and the planet requires it.”

Thus, Greenpeace is a tad taken aback by the fact that the company can make such statements while being fully aware of how its supply chain impacts on the environment.

“How can a company like Levi’s, who has made such a public statement in support of protecting the environment, be directly linked to such brazen toxic pollution?” Greenpeace asks.

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