Letterman Shakeup: The Late Night Show Gets New Head Writer

The move is meant to help the show face competition with Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno

The team behind David Letterman’s show, The Late Night Show, is switching things up a bit to ensure he comes out a winner of the ratings war between himself, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno.

As of now, The Late Night Show has a new head writer, though the former two head writers will also remain on the team, Nikki Finke of Deadline has learned.

“I’ve just learned that one of the longtime writers and producers of Late Show With David Letterman, Matt Roberts, is becoming the new head writer effective immediately,” she writes.

“The previous head writers Justin and Eric Stangel will remain as writers and producers with the show but also get a fat new multiyear development deal with Worldwide Pants, the production company run by Letterman and Rob Burnett,” Finke adds.

Burnett himself has confirmed the news, saying the move to keep the Stangels on the team was the only logical step because, with such a pair of talented guys, you do your best to keep them close to you, not drive them away.

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