Letter from Chinese Employee Working over the Holidays Found at K-Mart

The sender claims he is only being paid 10 yuan ($1.61 / €1.21) for working 15 hours/day

Mother and charity worker Julie Keith from Portland, Oregon found this letter stuffed into a Halloween decoration box, at K-Mart. 

The note is allegedly written by a Chinese employee who made the product the woman bought. He expresses that he is working for the holidays, and that he is feeling persecuted and underpaid.

“Sir: If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization,” the letter starts, according to the Daily Mail.

“Thousands people here who are under the persicution [sic] of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever.

“Otherwise, they will suffer torturement, beat and rude remark. [sic] Nearly no payment,” it goes on.

The writer goes on to stipulate that the product was made in Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang, claiming he is only being paid 10 yuan ($1.61 / €1.21) for working 15 hours a day.

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