Less Than a Day Left to Get Humble Bundle 6

Ten great games make this amazing collection a must have

The Humble Bundle 6 was a great success, with a lot of amazing games, but the users who haven't purchased it yet have less than 24 hours to do so.

The latest collection of games from the Humble Bundle initiative sold a little more than 300.000 units, at an average price of $6.37 (€4.85).

As usual, the Linux gamers hold the record for the average price paid for a Humble Bundle, with $10.42 (8.06), followed by Mac users with $7.50 (5.80), and Windows users with $6.37 (4.93).

The biggest contributor to this Humble Bundle has been Philip DeFranco, the well-known video blogger, who paid $1200 (930.44).

The games included in this collection have been praised, at the time of their original launch, for their concept and originality.

Torchlight is fantasy action RPG in which you take the role of a hero who wants to explore dungeons and labyrinths, in order to uncover the mystery behind the Ember mineral.

Rochard is a 2D platformer in which players have to master the force of gravity and to solve hard puzzle, in a quest against an archaeological conspiracy.

If you loved brick-braking games, made in the image of Arkanoid, you are going to enjoy Shatter, a totally fresh take on the genre.

Space Pirates and Zombies is a space shooter that combines physics and action in an explosive experience.

If you pay more than the average price, you will have access to a few more games: Dustforce, an interesting 2D game, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, also a 2D platformer, Gratuitous Space Battles, a strategy that will challenge the ablest of players, Jamestown, a top down shooter, and Wizorb, also an Arkanoid clone.

Vessel, a game developed Strange Loop Games, has failed to make its appearance on Linux, although the producers have promised that it will be available soon.

If you want this great collection of games, you only have less than a day to do it.

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