“Les Miserables” Featurette: How Makeup Makes Everything More Believable

Making Anne Hathaway look ugly was a real challenge, says Lisa Westcott

As Oscar buzz around “Les Miserables” is building up even though it’s not even out in theaters yet, a new featurette for it has been released to help audiences better understand the creation of this unique, most times off-putting musical world.

The featurette embedded above doesn’t focus so much on acting or on singing, but rather on the makeup that went into making all those highly recognizable stars into believable characters.

As makeup artist Lisa Westcott puts it, the idea was to make them gritty, tired and filthy because those were the times they were living in.

If you share my passion for movies, you won’t want to miss on this featurette, because it shows precisely how makeup can transform even some of the most beautiful faces in… well, not so beautiful ones.

“Les Miserables” will be out in theaters on Christmas. Now, enjoy!

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