Leonardo DiCaprio's Niece Declared Missing by Police

Leonardo's step brother is accused of hiding 6-year-old Normadie Farrar

Leonardo DiCaprio's 6-year-old niece was placed on the missing child list by authorities. After the girl went missing, worried relatives called in the police and she has now officially been listed as missing.

Radar has the scoop that the little girl, known as Normadie Farrar, was last seen on July 25 last year. Normandie is the girl of Adam Farrar, who is Leonardo's step-brother. He is at the moment the main suspect in the girl's disappearance.

The Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit of the California Department of Justice are calling Normadie the subject of “parental/family abduction.”

The case came to the attention of the press as her father, Adam, and her mom were arrested last week in Dallas, Texas on drug-related charges. The arrest showed that Normandie was living with her parents, unbeknown to authorities.

Adam was busted last week by police in Collin County on two Class A Misdemeanors which are listed as possession of a dangerous drug as well as theft and harassment.

The girl's mother was also arrested last week, but in a separate incident that took place earlier. In her case, there were even more charges: tree counts of possession of a controlled substances, two kinds of possession of a dangerous drug, theft and even a charge of a parent contributing to the child's nonattendance at school.

The parents were hiding out in Texas, trying to avoid the Department of Justice when they were busted by police. The situation is now complicated, because with both parents in jail, Normandie is left to fend for herself.

Meanwhile, no one in the DiCaprio family is said to have a notion where the girl is. The actor's mom, Peggy DiCaprio, is said to have long been at odds with the girl's parents over her safety.

Adam Farrar is said to have been very close to Leonardo a couple of years ago. A former child actor himself, Adam used to accompany DiCaprio around town, attending clubs and parties together. They have since fallen out of touch and out of favor.

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