Leonardo DiCaprio Speaks of Love Scenes with Kate Winslet

Actor says kissing his co-star was like kissing a family member

The reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio with Kate Winslet for “Revolutionary Road,” which has just opened in the UK, marked the comeback of one of the most loved onscreen couples in the history of Hollywood. Since the two worked together for “Titanic” in 1997, fans have not ceased to dream of them doing so in the future as well, a thing that finally became possible with “Revolutionary Road.” Now, DiCaprio is speaking out about what it meant for him to kiss and shoot a love scene with longtime friend Kate.

On the red carpet at the UK premiere of the film, the actor revealed to the Daily Mail that kissing and shooting a love scene with Winslet was, in a very twisted way, much like kissing a family member. And it’s only understandable that it be so, come to think of it, since the two have remained close friends ever since “Titanic,” and share a bond that, as per Kate, nothing can destroy.

“I was entirely too used to that from doing that film [‘Titanic’] with her, so to me it was very natural. It’s natural and I feel completely comfortable. In a twisted way it’s like kissing a family member.” Leonardo said about what it felt like to be kissing and being “intimate” with Kate. He also admitted, just like his co-star, that the presence of Kate’s husband as director (Sam Mendes) did not make things awkward at all, as some media outlets speculated until the release of the film.

Moreover, their friendship is clearly separated from their characters in front of the camera, so there was absolutely nothing off with shooting love scenes with Kate, DiCaprio also stated. “We have been a great support mechanism for each other. We both started when we were young and have always been great friends ever since ‘Titanic.’ We have always been there for each other.” the actor added.

“Revolutionary Road,” dealing with the story of a young couple in the ‘50s trying to make things work, will open next in Belgium, Egypt and France on January 21. On February 19, it will reach Singapore.

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