Leonardo DiCaprio Dubbed the “World's Most Responsible Celebrity”

The actor is to appear on the cover of August Man's February 2013 Issue

Hollywood sweetheart Leonardo DiCaprio is set to appear on the cover of this February's issue of August Man, a monthly men's luxury lifestyle publication.

One quick look at the cover, and it becomes pretty obvious that, from this magazine's standpoint, Leonardo DiCaprio's interest in all things green is nothing if not likely to pair him with a new nickname: the world's most responsible celebrity.

Granted, August Man did add a question mark to the end of this phrase, but it all looks more like a statement to me.

While interviewed by JustJared, DiCaprio has admitted that environmental protection is of utmost importance to him, and that his green-oriented work makes him feel both happy and fulfilled.

“In my adult life, my environmental work and activism remain a priority. I created a foundation that focuses on raising public awareness of the very important issues concerning our planet, our environment, and the impact we as people have on the world we live in,” the celebrity told a reporter working with said magazine.

Furthermore, “It is not only an extremely fulfilling and gratifying learning experience, but has also taken me to some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world.”

Here's hoping that Leonardo DiCaprio will keep up the good work, both as far as acting, and as far as environmental protection are concerned.

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