Lenovo's Rotating Chair, a Way to Promote Yoga Convertibles

The company is really getting inventive now, it seems

Advertising can take bizarre turns sometimes, and Lenovo is all too eagerly proving this.

Thinking that it could use something really strange to draw attention to its Yoga transforming devices, it installed a rotating chair wheel into a glass-sided bus.

That would be strange enough on its own, considering that Yoga are a series of convertible laptops and tablets.

What is even stranger is that the rotating chair wheel was installed in a glass-sided bus with the express goal of forcing unsuspecting users to use the new transforming Ultrabook while hanging upside down in it.

If nothing else, it truly is an attention-grabbing marketing stunt that has drawn attention to convertibles purely by association. And a loose association at that.

Too bad the advertising campaign is only taking place in China.

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