Lenovo and Dell Pushing Wireless Charging for Tablets and Laptops

The two tech giants consider this is the best solution for customers’ needs

Not so long ago, news of Intel’s plans of eliminating all cables from PCs in the next few years made rounds and highlights on the Internet.

But the chip giant is not the only one pushing this trend. The Alliance of Wireless Power has just updated its standard by adding devices that require up to 50 watts, which basically includes laptops and most tablet models on the market, says TomsHardware.

Traditionally, wireless charging is a technology that has been reserved for smaller devices, including smartphones, watches, electronic toothbrushes and such.

Even if the standard has been updated only now, the change was imminent. Back in February when Dell joined the group, promises were band that a higher-power specification allowing Ultrabooks to charge will soon be introduced.

It’s sensible to assume, Ultrabooks will be the first to be updated to the new standards and then bulky laptops would follow.

Back at Computex, Intel demonstrated a laptop that could be charged just by virtue of sitting on tablet with the charger being located somewhere underneath the table, being separated from the device by two inches of solid wood.

Now Dell and Lenovo has expressed the need to push wireless charging to notebooks because it’s the solution “that best meets [their] customers’ needs.

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