Lenovo Will Make All of Its Notebooks by the End of 2018

It won't call upon independent laptop manufacturers anymore

Laptops and PCs may sell under a variety of brands, but many of those brands don't actually manufacture those products. Instead, they contract specialists to do it according to their blueprints.

Lenovo uses a combination of both. While it handles the assembly of some laptops, it contracts other companies for the rest.

The corporation is the greatest PC supplier now though, and intends to handle all of its business itself.

That means it will reduce the number of orders with third-party manufacturers and handle all production in-house.

Lenovo intends to move to 100% notebook in-house production in 3 to 5 years, according to DigiTimes. Currently, it manufactures 20% of all notebooks sold bearing its sticker. The percentage should grow to 50% this year.

Original device manufacturers (ODMs) do not believe Lenovo will pull it off, but the latter has already established new assembly lines outside Taiwan and China, so they may be proven wrong.

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