Lenovo ThinkServer TD330, the First of Many Enterprise Products

Lenovo’s new Enterprise Product Group makes its first move

Lenovo has been making personal, business and enterprise computing products for years, but its Enterprise Product Group, solely dedicated to the latter two market segments, is a recent creation.

As it happens, today (November 05, 2012) is the day that this business division makes its very first move: the launch of the ThinkServer TD330.

Powered by the Intel Xeon E5-2400 processor family, it has up to 192 GB of RAM (random access memory) and customizable network and storage capabilities.

We suppose that it is only a matter of time before Lenovo also launches something based on the new AMD Opteron 6300 chips, but we digress.

ThinkServer TD330 is designed with onboard RAID, diagnostics tools, hot swap support, remote management over the Internet, scalability and standard IPMI 2.0-compliant protocols and interfaces.

Lenovo hopes to sign contracts with education and retail environments, banks (especially those with multiple locations) and any other small or medium business that need something to handle so-called “behind-the-scenes” IT tasks.

“We’ve placed expanded emphasis on building our server portfolio this year, introducing products that meet the needs of all our customers – from enterprise customers to small businesses,” said Guillen.

“The ThinkServer TD330 meets the need of an organization that demands flawless dual socket performance in a flexible, scalable tower solution, and values the reliability and sturdiness that ThinkServer products are known for.”

Lenovo Enterprise Product Group will be led by Roy Guillen, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Product Group, Lenovo.

The ThinkServer TD330 sells for $929 or more (727-929 Euro) through Lenovo's web store.

When ordering, customers will be allowed to choose various services, such as warranties, four-hour on-site 24/7 response, custom Windows imaging and BIOS settings (configured at the Lenovo factory).

A final mention goes to ThinkServer EasyStartup, an assistant that simplifies server installation and configuration, and makes it easy to initialize multiple servers of the same model.

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