Lenovo Scores Record in 4Q12, Highest Revenue Ever

The company sold 14.1 million PCs during the three months

January and February are always months of revelation, because it is then that companies and analysts report what happened in the fourth quarter of the previous year, and for the year as a whole.

Lenovo has, predictably enough, done well. Some might not realize just how well though.

Indeed, the company made an operating profit of $243 million / 178 million Euro, thanks, primarily, to shipments of 14.1 million PC (desktops and notebooks).

The revenue reached a record $9.36 billion, which means 6.83 billion Euro according to exchange rates, give or take.

Overall, Lenovo finished the fourth quarter of 2012 (third of its fiscal year) with 15.9% of the global PC market and a net profit of $205 million / 150 million Euro.

Compared to 2011, Lenovo sold 7.9% more PCs between October and December, 2012.

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