Lenovo Led Non-Apple Tablet Sales in China in 4Q13

Apple may still dominate this market, but things are changing

On a worldwide level, Apple doesn't account for as much of the consumer tablet industry as it does in China alone, but that particular country has proven quite a fortuitous undertaking.

Meanwhile, Chinese company Lenovo managed to get second spot in its home country, which means it led the non-Apple tablet market.

Its percentage, shipment-wise, was of 10.2%, followed by Eben with 4%, Samsung with 3.9%, Acer with 2.3%, ASUS with 1.5% and, finally, Teclast with 1%.

Overall, a strong mix of local and external suppliers. We are rather surprised that Samsung didn't do a better showing.

Oddly enough, the business tablet sub-market was led by Eben with 41.9%. If the company ever tries to reach beyond the borders, we'll have to keep an eye on it. Samsung was second with 21%, ASUS third with 6.6% and Lenovo fourth with 4.5%.

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