Lenovo Intros New Mini PC, Several All-in-one Systems

The C-Series swells as Lenovo claims to have made the smallest full-function desktop PC

Claiming that a product is the world's best, or fastest or smallest, or anything else, is a bold move, one that companies usually take because most readers won't bother researching the truth of the statement.

Lenovo played it safe when it said that the IdeaCentre Q190 was the world's smallest full-function desktop PC, since “full-function” can mean something else for different people.

We cannot deny it really is small, though. With a width of just 22 mm (0.86 inches), it still packs Ivy Bridge CPU-level performance, the Windows 8 Pro operating system, Full HD graphics, up to 7.1 surround sound and, should customers so wish, a 3D-capable Blu-ray drive.

Overall, the miniature desktop can behave very well as a normal PC, a business system or even a home-theater personal computer.

Lenovo sells the IdeaCentre Q190 with an optional compact wireless multimedia remote with built-in mini backlit keyboard and mouse.

Other than the new Q desktop, there are seven C-series all-in-one PCs that people may want to check out.

The C240 and C245 are 18.2-inch, low-cost systems powered by Intel Celeron or AM E2 processors. The other five use Intel CPUs up to third-generation Core i3. Standard mainstream specs, in other words.

Speaking of which, storage goes up to 1 TB (2 TB HDD for C540) and memory can be of 8 GB RAM. Lenovo tossed in 720p HD webcams, Dolby Advanced Audio V2 and, on the C340/C440/C540/C345/C445, the Windows 8 operating system.

Overall, the new computers from Lenovo play to the company's strengths: affordability and variety. The IdeaCentre Q190 will sell for $349 / 274-349 Euro, while the other products will have starting prices of $349 / 274-349 Euro to $549 / 430 Euro.

Finally, all the PCs will start shipping in January 2013, except for the C240 and C245, which will be available sooner this month in fact (November 2012).


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