Lenovo IdeaPad U300e Ultrabooks Turns Out to Be Very Expensive

Now that it's up for sale, it isn't quite as appealing as people used to think

Lenovo has officially started accepting orders for the IdeaPad U300e, the ultrabook revealed back at CES 2012, but it will have a hard time gathering buyers.

With a price of $959, which translates into 725 Euro, no great crown is going to flock towards it all that fast.

It doesn't help that previous rumors suggested that the starting tag would be of $799 / 604 Euro.

Sure, the product measures 13.3 inches and has an Intel Core i5-2467 CPU, plus 4GB RAM and a hybrid drive (32 GB NAND SSD and 500 GB HDD), but one can only wonder if this, and the thin form factor, is enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.

We suppose there is a certain fashion appeal to the 0.7-inch thickness (17.78 mm), but still.

Go here to see what else the item has to offer before you make any commitments.

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