Lenovo Delays ThinkPad Helix Ultrabook to March or April

The device was supposed to launch this month but won't

Since February 2013 is here and the ThinkPad Helix isn't, people started asking Lenovo, on Facebook, what the wait was about. The response given by the company was less than reassuring.

Even though, back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013), Lenovo said the ThinkPad Helix would be shipping from this month onwards, plans have changed.

The 11.6-inch laptop has been delayed to March or April. Even the representative of Lenovo that answered the inquiry didn't know for sure.

“Unfortunately we received word that it will be delayed till March or April. More details will be announced soon,” the company said.

ThinkPad Helix relies on an Intel Core vPro central processing unit and has customizable memory and storage capabilities.

Its LCD supports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and Lenovo has even tossed a five-button clickpad and 4G LTE broadband support into the mix.

Furthermore, a “Rip and Flip” hinge makes the Helix unique: the screen can be detached and flipped over, turning the laptop into a tablet and vice versa.

Overall, the ThinkPad Helix is a convertible ultrabook that could just as easily be described as a tablet sold in a bundle with a keyboard dock.

We aren't sure what “more details will be announced soon” is supposed to mean. Perhaps Lenovo will issue a small press release to formally notify everyone of the delay. Maybe luck will strike particularly hard and the price will be cut a bit too.

The Helix is an interesting device, to be sure, but the price of $1,499 / 1,111-1,499 Euro doesn't do it any favors, not with the likes of Sony Vaio T14 and T15 shipping for $770 / 566-770 Euro. Granted, the hinge isn't the only thing distinguishing between the products, but the money requirements are still very far apart, enough, perhaps, to turn people away.

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