Lenovo Could Give Up IdeaPad Brand

The decision is attributed to so-called internal adjustments

  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo is definitely changing things and keeping its strategy fresh, something that Acer might want to learn from.

Having decided to make Intel and ARM-powered Android tablet/laptop hybrids, the company is considering what existing products to drop.

According to a different rumor than the last one, though one from the same source, Lenovo might scrap the IdeaPad business.

Lenovo and Think will be adjusted into two sub-groups in April (2013). After the IdeaPad business is transferred to the existing Lenovo sub-group, the IdeaPad brand itself will be slowly withdrawn.

The move is similar to how Lenovo's Mobile Internet Digital Home business group (MIDH) will be merged into the new sub-group.

Fortunately, no staff will be fired due to the reorganization. The process is more of an internal optimizing and image building procedure than anything else.