Lenovo Could Buy NEC's Phone Division Reuters

The company really is gunning for worldwide supremacy

NEC is mostly known for its optical drives, custom-built PCs and monitors, but it has a phone division as well, albeit a very little known one.

Clearly, the company can't compare to Samsung, LG, Apple and their ilk. It lacks expertise and brand strength, and doesn't really bother much really.

Should a different brand pick up the business though, the division may very well flourish.

According to Reuters, Lenovo is after NEC's mobile business, as NEC itself is thinking of changing its business somewhat, and getting rid of the phone side is part of it.

NEC is talking to some Japanese companies too though, so despite the multiple meetings with Lenovo, it may gravitate towards others.

Nevertheless, knowing how proactive Lenovo is, we wouldn't be surprised if it outbid everyone.

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