Lenovo Beats Apple in PC Sales for the First Time

These are the two companies unaffected by the shrinking PC industry

Apple usually stands apart as its own ecosystem when it comes to technology, especially on the consumer front, but it's still, ultimately, a provider of PCs and consumer electronics, meaning that it ends up compared to everyone else on this part of the IT industry from time to time.

The latest comparison is between it and Lenovo, and is not one that its fans will be all that enthusiastic about, though Lenovo itself has reason for nothing but glee.

You see, Lenovo has finally overtaken Apple in terms of PC shipments, contrary to what common sense suggested would happen.

Not that Apple is some sort of PC deity or anything. Its Mac and MacBooks are nice, and they sell a lot, but its sales are mostly restricted to the US.

Lenovo has actually been ahead of Apple for some time, and in the lead for the overall PC market as well, according to some analysts.

However, when looking at only the US market, things are different. HP is still the head of the hierarchy, followed by Dell.

Until recently, Apple held the third spot, but China-based Lenovo has taken away that spot, pushing it to fourth place.

Lenovo made an announcement to this effect not that long ago, revealing its sales for the fourth fiscal quarter and full-year ended March 31, 2014. Apparently, it's only a matter of time before it climbs to second and first spots as well.

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