Lenovo BT820 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Passes Through FCC

No real information exists beyond what can be deduced from photos

The FCC often reveals products before they are officially launched, and this is precisely what happened to a certain speaker that Lenovo created for people who travel often.

The federal Communications Commission is an organization in the US which is tasked with testing and validating products that have wireless capabilities.

Pretty much every hardware maker that wants to sell something in the united States needs to get certification.

Even products that aren't aimed at US customers sometimes get put through the test, since FCC approval is always a nice plus to stick on a box.

The latest product to get looked at by the FCC, and to be revealed, via a filing, ahead of its official launch, is the Lenovo BT820.

Its support for wireless connectivity can be deduced just by virtue of being filed for approval in the first place.

Apparently, Bluetooth connectivity is present, meaning that any desktop, laptop, perhaps even consumer electronics and mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, etc.) will work fine with it.

Design-wise, the newcomer isn't overly sophisticated, though the round, lightbulb-reminiscent shape might raise a few eyebrows.

As far as mobility goes, the product is not, perhaps, as compact as it could have been, with an 8-inch diameter. Nonetheless, it does have the looks of something affordable.

For those that want to know what the audio device operates on, AA batteries are employed, though it is unclear how long a charge will last.

Fortunately, the BT820 does have stereo drivers, so it is fairly safe to assume the audio quality will be superior to the speakers of an average laptop, even those of Ultrabooks.

Lenovo will have to get around to the part where it actually sends this invention out into the world before any pricing details emerge. Unfortunately, just when this is hasn't been disclosed, though it shouldn't be overly long.

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