Lenny Kravitz Wears High-Heel Boots

In what could be a sign of a new trend in men’s fashion, singer Lenny Kravitz was pictured the other day in an ensemble similar to what Shakira too wore just recently – down to the knee-high high-heel boots.

As People magazine notes, this could be an indication that men’s fashion is looking to achieve new heights – literally – and not just with the likes of Prince.

Kravitz is known as a fashionista and has never before been photographed in anything even remotely similar to women’s footwear, which begs the question of whether he was setting a trend or simply committing a faux-pas.

“Taking the leap from skinny jeans to full-on leather pants is a bold move for any man, but Lenny Kravitz took it one step further on Thursday, tucking his leather pants into knee-high wedge boots!” People writes.

Still, one thing that can’t be held against the star is not knowing how to mix ‘n’ match or properly accessorize.

“Proving that fashion truly has no gender, the rocker was snapped leaving his N.Y.C. hotel confidently donning the wedge leather boots with a drapey cowl-neck pullover and a cross-body man purse!” the magazine further says.

Male purses and even male skinny jeans are no longer a novelty on the fashion scene, but heels are – except if we’re talking about Prince, who has never made a secret of his love for the extra inches a good heel brings.

“And while it has become acceptable for any man to wear designer denim or even obsess over his hair products, it seems that Lenny may just be standing alone in this bold sartorial effort – for now,” People further says.

While several media outlets are wondering whether Lenny didn’t borrow the boots from some lady friend, others seem inclined to let this one go because, simply put, the star seems to make it work, down to the odd sweater, the male purse and those wedge platforms.

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