Lemon Pie: Dog Mutilated by Drug Traffickers Is Doing Better

The pooch has grown accustomed to its prosthetic limbs, seems to have overcome the trauma

Back in 2012, the news that a dog named Lemon Pie had had both its front legs cut off by a group of Mexican drug traffickers who wished to practice their human-torturing skills made headlines.

More so given the fact that, after cutting its front legs, the drug traffickers saw fit to abandon this dog inside a trash can.

Still, with the help of public donations, the animal sanctuary that agreed to look after Lemon Pie managed to raise $6,000 (€4,496) and bought this unfortunate pooch a set of prosthetic limbs.

Recent news on this topic informs us that, several months after going through this traumatizing experience, Lemon Pie (a.k.a. Pay the Limon, if you prefer) is doing better.

Thus, sources report that it has finally grown accustomed to walking and even sprinting with the help of its prosthetic limbs. Furthermore, Lemon Pie seems to have also overcome the emotional trauma caused by its losing its legs.

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