Legendary Wrestler Mae Young Not Dead, but Gravely Ill

90-year-old Hall of Fame inductee is at home, having been discharged from hospital

Mae Young, famous wrestler and WWE Hall of Fame inductee, aged 90 is not dead, as various reports making the rounds online would have you believe. Sadly though, she’s not the victim of an Internet hoax either, because she’s in very bad health, resting at home.

For the past several hours, rumors have been pouring in that Mae had died. She was scheduled to make an appearance at the “Old School” Raw in Baltimore this week, with the report of her passing originating at the Post And Courier.

The publication has now recanted the original story, but the update it’s providing isn’t all that much more encouraging because, apparently, Mae is gravely ill.

She is now at her home in Columbia, receiving hospice care, after being discharged from the hospital.

“A kidney is in the process of shutting down, and Young is breathing with the assistance of an oxygen machine, said a friend,” the e-zine says.

“She's had a good, long life. But things start wearing out by the time you get to be 90. She's lived an amazing life. If all of us could be so lucky,” former women’s champ Susan Green says.

Mae may actually be older than 90, as even some of her wrestling mates believe she’s closer to 94, but that last part about her having had an amazing life is absolutely correct: known under the nickname “Amazing” Mae Young, she is the only one to be able to boast of having wrestled in 9 different decades.

If that’s not the very definition of amazing (and impressive), we don’t know what is.

Just as impressive is the fact that Mae’s popularity only peaked in recent years, so it’s not like she let old age stop her.

“In 2000, Young took part in an over-the-top storyline where she (then in her late 70s) dated WWE star Mark Henry, announced that she was ‘pregnant’ and later gave birth to a rubber hand. That same year she was power-bombed twice by The Dudley Boyz on back-to-back editions of Raw, and was even splashed by the 500-pound Viscera,” the Post And Courier writes.

Her fans wish her all the best in these trying times.

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