Legendary Heroes Expansion Announced for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress

Gamers will have more options to develop their champions

Video game developer and publisher Stardock announces that it is working on an expansion for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress called Legendary Heroes, which introduces more role-playing elements for champions, new enemies and new weapons.

The biggest enhancement is the new progression system for champions, which allows gamers to pick abilities and traits from a tree-like structure, determining the exact role that their champions will play in the game.

Gamers will no longer find Champions on the map, they will need to spend Fame to summon them after researching techs, developing their empire and solving quests.

Players will also be able to recruit non-human champions in Fallen Enchantress, with their own set of skills and unique quest chains that they can undertake.

Tactical combat is also receiving an overhaul from Stardock, with a new swarm ability that makes even low-level creatures powerful when grouping together and with more special abilities for weapons and for factions.

New monster types in Legendary Heroes include the Banshee, immune from physical weapon strikes, and the Garagox, who has the ability to knock enemies back with each hit it lands.

Elemental players also get access to a number of spells and abilities, designed to enhance the tactical options available for each of the factions.

Stardock is also including a number of visual updates for Elemental in Legendary Heroes, with a new look for the geographical landscapes, better animations and improved lighting.

The team also introduces a number of smaller changes designed to enhance a player’s experience of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress.

The official announcement says that Legendary Heroes aims, ”to make it into a better game, not a bigger game. So things that were confusing or overly complex were cut. For example finding champions in the wilderness can be confusing for new players, the new system is both better designed and more intuitive.”

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