Lee Harvey Oswald's Home in Dallas Is Demolished

While living there, he planned his first assassination attempt and bought his first gun

The Dallas apartment building where alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald lived has been demolished, reports say.

Works to tear down apartment complex 604, on Elsbeth street in north Oak Cliff have started on Monday, January 14, News Fix reveals.

Gawker adds that, by today, the home of one of America's most infamous men was brought to the ground.

The Kennedy public assassination in Dallas is set to be celebrated on November 22. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary shooting in which the American president lost his life.

The city is preparing for the anniversary by restoring the Dealey Plaza. Tearing down the apartment building is included in the series of works performed for the restoration.

The complex included 10 apartments. Oswald lived in the number two apartment for under a year, from November 1962 until March 1963. He would go on to shoot Kennedy and Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit 7 months later.

He shared a home with his wife and daughter in 604 Elsbeth. Neighbors' accounts, published by Dallas News, paint a grizzly picture of domestic abuse.

The couple only paid $68 (€50) a month for the small Elsbeth apartment. Marina Oswald often complained about beatings, brought on by jealousy, small matters of the home like baked beans and other pretexts.

They conceived their second child while living there, who Harvey hoped would turn out a boy. He was disappointed when they had another baby girl, months later.

Marina also attempted suicide during her stay, laying out a rope to try to hang herself. She was stopped by her husband.

While living there, Oswald planned his first assassination attempt and bought his first gun. He planned to kill a former general and vocal right wing supporter. He purchased the weapon, a revolver, by mail order.

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