LeaseWeb Deleted Megaupload's Servers with the US Government's "Blessing"

At least that's what Kim Dotcom's US attorney Ira Rothken believes

Kim Dotcom is engaged with plenty of fights. He's fighting the US government, the US entertainment industry, New Zealand's spy agencies and so on.

He doesn't need any more lawsuits, but he might just get into one with LeaseWeb, an European web host which had 630 servers dedicated to Megaupload.

The hosting company deleted all the data on those servers earlier this year, making it impossible for users to get back their data and for Megaupload to present evidence of its innocence.

LeaseWeb initially claimed that it did so because no one asked it to preserve the data. But Dotcom presented a couple of emails, both from his lawyer and from the EFF, addressed to LeaseWeb asking the company to keep the data on the servers, despite not being paid for them.

The company has since said that what it meant by "no one" is Megaupload and by "didn't ask it" is "didn't ask it" after it started storing the servers.

At this point, it does look like LeaseWeb is trying to save face, but may have actually acted in accordance to Dutch law.

But Dotcom is hinting that there's more to it. In fact, he says that there is enough evidence of wrongdoing for a lawsuit he may file against the company. It gets worse, Dotcom's US attorney Ira Rothken believes LeaseWeb deleted the data with the US Department of Justice's blessing.

Considering that the data could have served as evidence of Megaupload's innocence, something which would obviously hinder the DoJ's case against the company, it doesn't look good for the US government.

"In our view, LeaseWeb acted like a corporate radical by destroying data in the largest corporate copyright case in history," Rothken said.

"We learned that the [DoJ] blessed the LeaseWeb data destruction and we will raise these issues at the appropriate time with the Federal Court in the US," he added.

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