Learn How to Dance the Original Harlem Shake - Video

The dance was debuted in Harlem in the early '80s, and does not resemble the viral version

A clip of people from Harlem reacting to the Harlem Shake is gaining popularity online, with most residents agreeing on the fact that the meme does not do justice to the original dance.

Comments by residents range from the elegant “I think it's interesting, I just don't think it's closely related to the original Harlem Shake” to the harsher “They don't come from Harlem, they come from a strange planet.”

User mahalodotcom published a “how to” clip teaching us moves of the original “shake,” back in 2011. The hip-hop dance coach highlights which moves are essential for the properly-trained “Halem shaker.”

It appears the dance was debuted in Harlem in the early '80s, so people living there have good reason for being upset over the viral version.

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