Leap Motion Sensors Turned Into Musical Device – Video

The developer units have begun to yield various results

The Leap Motion USB motion sensor device has spawned another strange project that has to do with music.

Back in December 2012, a certain invention called AirHarp came to our attention.

The contraption used a Leap Motion USB sensor to interpret waves and other gestures. Based on them, it played the virtual harp on the screen.

Something similar has made the news now: designer Stephane Bersot took one and made it change the pitch of his guitar, play air drums, even control the equalizer on a piano keyboard.

The pitch is changed according to the position of the headstock, the drum sticks (specially made) can be used to track end-points of the sticks, etc.

The video demo should make everything clear. No marketable product is expected to result from this idea though.

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