Leap Motion Controller Set for May 13, 2013 Launch

It will make touchscreens obsolete, at least on ASUS PCs

Touch input has become a sort of normal part of PCs now that Windows 8 has come out, but it might not last for long.

Leap Motion has a certain technology that lets PC owners control the computer without touching the screen.

Here we could be cheeky and say mice and keyboards do that too, but we won't.

Instead, we will say that Leap Motion controllers use 3D motion sensing to recognize hand gestures and translate them into commands.

According to the latest update on the matter, the company will be ready to launch the small, flash drive-sized gadget on May 13.

The price will be of $79.99 / 61.21-79.99 Euro.

ASUS has already chosen to enlist the gadget, especially in Intel Haswell-based laptops. More companies from that market should follow.

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