Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap Includes HTC, LG, Motorola Phones

Powered by Google's Android operating system

About two years ago, wireless carrier T-Mobile was the first one to release a smartphone running under Google's Android operating system, the T-Mobile G1. Other Android-based devices also made it into its lineup ever since, and it seems that a few more mobile phones would be set to emerge on its airwaves before the end of the ongoing year.

Two of the upcoming mobile phones have been already officially announced, namely the Samsung Vibrant and the Motorola Charm. However, it seems that others more are on their way to the wireless services provider, including mobile phones from HTC, from LG and from Motorola. Not to mention that some of the carrier's Android-based devices are set to receive software updates during the following months.

According to a recent article on androidspin, five new mobile phones should arrive at T-Mobile with Android on board before the end of the ongoing year. The leaked shot attached to this story supposedly shows these devices, along with the time frame when they should land. Among the rumored handsets, three names have been distinguished, including the HTC Vanguard, which should arrive on September 9, it seems, along with two Motorola phones, dubbed Jordan and Beyond, expected to become available sometime in early November. An Android-based handset from LG should arrive in November too.

As for the software updates T-Mobile has in plan for existing devices, the shot unveils that Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT are expected to receive Android 2.1 sometime in August, or that that yet unreleased Motorola CHARM should taste Android 2.2 in September (it arrives with Android 2.1 on board). CLIQ and CLIQ XT were initially set to taste the software update during the second quarter of the ongoing year, but it seems that things have been pushed back a little longer than originally expected. Hopefully, there will be no other delay in the release of these software solutions.

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