Leaked Office 15 / Office 2014 Screenshots and Details

The first leaked screenshots and details of Office 15 / Office 2014 are now available in the wild, at just four months after Office 2010 was released to manufacturing, and just a couple of months since the General Availability deadline.

Office 15 is of course the next major iteration of Microsoft’s productivity suite, and the successor of Office 2010, which was built using the codename Office 14.

Various third party reports pointed out that the Redmond company had already kicked off the planning for Office 15 even ahead of the finalization of Office 2010.

However, only now, Russian website Wzor is offering actual proof that the software giant indeed started the development process of Office 2010’s successor.

It appears that Microsoft has compiled a few very early development builds of Office 15, based on pre-2010 Office internal assemblies. There are already two pre-Alpha Builds of Office 15 available internally in Redmond, MSO_v15_1, MSO_v15_2.

Wzor claims to already be in possession of one of the Builds, but a member of the site is noting that users should not expect a leak to happen.

In fact, Wzor only provided a couple of screenshots of Office 15 pre-Alpha, and insisted that this is all that the public is going to get at this point in time.

However, it does appear that even in this extremely early Builds of Office 15, Microsoft has packaged a few new features.

"Microsoft Limestone Integration Application" also referred to as Microsoft Lime is a new element of application development which will be featured in the next version of Office productivity suite, according to Wzor.

In addition, the Redmond company appears to have integrated a KMS activator into Office 15, in an effort to make it simpler for volume customers to bulk active their copies of the productivity suite purchased under volume licenses.

According to Wzor, Office 15 is planned for delivery in early 2014. Of course, in this context, the next major version of Office is bound to be released under the Office 2014 moniker.

Office Home and Business 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download here.

Office Home and Student 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download

Office Professional 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download


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