Leaked Letter from Tim Cook Says Apple Donated Millions to Hurricane Sandy Relief

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple is less shy when it comes to charity

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook has sent a company-wide email informing staffers that Apple has raised millions of dollars for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort with the help of the American Red Cross. The company itself has made a substantial donation.

The letter in question was leaked by an Apple insider and handed to 9to5mac. It states, “For the past week, our thoughts have been with those affected by Hurricane Sandy an its aftermath.”

“And Apple employees and customers the world over have raised million of dollars toward the relief effort so far. But we can always do more.”

“That’s why, on behalf of all our employees, Apple is making a donation of $2.5 million to the American Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief. We hope this contribution will help families, businesses, and communities recover and rebuild,” reads the letter signed Tim Cook.

Apple had previously set up an iTunes page for the American Red Cross with pre-defined donation amounts that only required users to click a button and have their Apple ID charged.

“Help Superstorm Sandy survivors by making a monetary donation to the American Red Cross,” reads the still-active page on the iTunes Store.

Apple customers can help Hurricane Sandy victims by pledging anywhere from $5.00 (4 EUR) to $200.00 (157 EUR).

The American Red Cross, for its part, thanks Apple for its impressive efforts and donation.

A letter from Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross, is also included with the letter from Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO (as the screenshot above shows).

It states that “[McGovern] thanks Apple customers and employees for donating to Hurricane Sandy relief.”

Apple also sells (PRODUCT) Red iPods to support the fight for an AIDS-free generation.

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