Leaked: Lenovo Device to Compete with Sony Vaio P

New ultra-portable PC

According to the latest details that have surfaced the Internet, Lenovo is getting ready to unveil a new ultra-portable computer system that could compete with the recently introduced Sony Vaio P laptop. Recently surfaced pictures of the device appear to indicate a long-shaped, slim portable PC that closely resembles the Atom-powered Vaio P.


The pictures that showed up on Engadget Chinese were apparently taken by a trusted source from inside IBM's Beijing headquarters. Unfortunately, there are no technical details currently available and there's no way of telling whether Lenovo will be releasing the product worldwide or just in Asia. However, the pictures seem to indicate that the PC vendor is close to a final product.


Currently, Lenovo can provide its users with the IdeaPad S10 netbook, which sports the familiar netbook design and is powered by an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor. The system boasts a 10.2-inch display that runs on Intel's integrated GMA 950 graphics solution and is meant to compete with similar systems from the likes of ASUS, Acer, MSI and others. The leaked Vaio P-like portable device could be designed to provide users with a smaller form factor, consequently enabling a higher level of portability.


Sony's Vaio P is one of the high-end netbook models on the market, due to its unique design and higher price tag. Sony is claiming that the Vaio P series is actually an 8-inch notebook and that it isn't meant to compete in the netbook market. Despite Sony's claims, the Vaio P is based on an Intel low-power Atom processor and offers specifications similar to those of a netbook.


We are still to learn more about the pictured Lenovo portable computer device. It will be interesting to see what the resolution of that small, widescreen display will be.

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