Leaked Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta Screenshots Are Fake

Most likely

Having already released no less than three developer preview Builds of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is obviously heading toward the Beta milestone. However, the Redmond company has so far been mute on the upcoming development milestones of IE9, saying that the next release is planned within 8 weeks since the availability of Platform Preview 3. Still, one source claims to have received the IE9 Beta bits and published a number of screenshots, offering the first taste of the upcoming release.

As a general rule, all leaks of this manner need to be taken with a grain of salt, but in this particular case, there’s no need, simply because its highly likely that the screenshots allegedly depicting the Beta Build of Internet Explorer 9 that have been shared by CNBeta, are in fact fake.

I’ve included a few of the screenshots at the bottom of the screen for your viewing pleasure. Although concepts such as an IE9 download manager or a Favorites websites list for each new opened Tab per the Google Chrome model might look like good ideas, the truth is that Microsoft has yet to confirm any features for the successor of Internet Explorer 8. And the fact that the Build number is missing altogether doesn’t do anything to help confirm the legitimacy of the screenshots.

In my view there are two major aspects of the leaked screenshots that scream “fake!’ First there’s the graphical user interface. It’s to be expected of Microsoft to at least tweak and optimize if not redesign the UI of IE9. As of Platform Preview 3 the company continues to supply developers with only the core of the browser, having stripped off all UI elements, including the Address Bar and Back and Forward buttons. It’s expected of Microsoft to deliver a fully functional preview of Internet Explorer 9 with the advent of the Beta milestone, including the GUI. And the software giant is also expected to introduce the new UI of the browser with the release of the Beta build.

But of course, Microsoft could postpone the delivery of the new UI for IE9 for a later development milestone, the Release Candidate (RC) perhaps, or another Beta. But there’s absolutely no reason why IE9 Beta should score a mere 53/100 in the Acid3 Test.

Early adopters that have been test driving IE9 since the first pre-release Build was offered already know that Platform Preview 1 scored 55/100 in the Acid3 Test. IE9 Platform Preview 2 went up to 68/100, while IE9 Platform Preview 3 has the highest score of the all so far, namely 83/100. How would it be possible for IE9 Beta to score less than IE9 Platform Preview 1 then? Well, it wouldn’t.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Platform Preview 3 Build is available for download here.

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