Leaked BlackBerry OS Now Available for Download

It can be installed on BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5 smartphones

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is actively working on new flavors of its BlackBerry 10 operating system, and a new leaked build stands to prove that.

The new release, available online as version, can already be downloaded and installed on devices such as BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5.

Among various enhancements and new features that were included in this release, users are sure to enjoy an updated Android runtime, which will provide them with the possibility to load Android app APKs directly on their devices.

The release notes for the new leaked BlackBerry 10.2.1 operating system flavor include an unlocked runtime, along with customizable quick settings and group contacts.

Furthermore, the build offers a quick speed dial on Q10, along with changes to the music UI and call dialer.

The leaked BlackBerry OS also sports the picture lock password feature that was detailed yesterday, along with vibrate on ping and new emoticons in BBM, and a white balance adjuster.

Other enhancements include IBM notes traveler in accounts settings, full device monitor, new charge icon, custom contact notifications, wolfram alpha commands, battery percentage in peak, and hub pinch gesture works.

For the time being, OS can be downloaded and installed only on Z10 STL100-1, Q10, and Q5 devices, though it should emerge for other BB10 smartphones as well in the near future (including the BlackBerry Z30 and other variants of Z10).

Those who would like to grab the leaked build should head over to the CrackBerry forums for that. As a warning, users should keep in mind that they will be installing the leaked software at their own risk, as there is no guarantee that it will work properly after loading.

BlackBerry owners will be the only ones held responsible in the event that their smartphones are damaged during the installation of this or any other unofficial software.

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