Leak Exposes AMD Richland A-Series APUs Set for Q2 Launch

There will be six hybrid processors with TDPs of 65W or 100W

Through a combination of leaked roadmap slides and specifications reports, a fairly complete image of the processor launch that Advanced Micro Devices will hold in the second quarter of this year (2013) has been built.

AMD, in a sense, formally introduced the Richland, Kabini and Temash accelerated processing units during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

Sales haven't begun yet though. In fact, AMD will have to hold another launch event in the second quarter, when availability is finally going to ramp up.

By using a couple of new reports, we were able to get a fairly clear view of one of the three chip sets above: Richland.

There are six processors, four of which are quad-core CPUs and two are dual-core units, all with integrated Radeon HD 8000 graphics processing units.

The A10-6800K will be in the lead and is one of only two 100W models. It has Radeon HD 8670D graphics.

A8-6600K is the other 100W chip, with a Radeon HD 8570D graphics processing unit.

A10-6700 is a bit more efficient than the other two, settling for a TDP (thermal design power) of 65W while holding onto the Radeon HD 8670D.

The last quad-core, also at 65W, is the A8-6500, featuring the Radeon HD 8570D.

That leaves the dual-core APUs: A6-6400K and A4-6300, both of which work at 65W. The former utilizes the Radeon HD 8470D and can be overclocked (the K in the name means it has an unlocked multiplier) while the latter has the Radeon HD 8370D and no overclocking. All APUs support 1866+ MHz DDR3 RAM.

Regarding the dual-core APUs, we also know their GPUs have 192 and 128 Stream Processors, respectively and 1 MB L2 cache.

All in all, the processing units should be strong enough to keep AMD going until Kaveri (based on Steamroller 28nm architecture) arrive in the second half of 2013, with HSA and IPC improvements on 28nm technology.

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