League of Legends Gets Automatic Ban System for Public Beta Test Servers

Gamers who exhibit toxic behavior will be targeted

The development team at Riot Games that works on League of Legends says that it wants to see a higher standard of player behavior on the Public Beta Test servers and introduces a new system designed to automatically ban all those who behave badly.

The development team states, “The PBE effort should be a collaboration between the developers and our community, and should be a place where players can play games with developers on any given day and directly contribute feedback that can shape the game.”

The official forum thread adds, “We have implemented a system on PBE that will automatically detect toxic behaviors and ban the players the same day – this system will go live today and will immediately punish 167 players with a seven day ban.”

Riot Games says that the bans for League of Legends will range from seven days to permanent elimination from the Public Beta Test space.

The team wants to have a 99 percent accuracy for the punishment system and a false positive rate smaller than 1%.

Apparently, the automatic ban delivery system will be conservative at first, but the team wants to increase its aggressiveness level gradually.

Seemingly, League of Legends will also soon receive other systems designed to limit so-called toxic behavior.

Riot Games announced in late 2012 that it wanted to make the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title friendlier to newcomers, curbing aggressive behavior among the community and promoting mechanics designed to encourage collaboration.

The company has issued permanent bans for some professional players who were reported for the way they acted during matches and is also working with a sociologist in order to determine the best ways of improving the overall atmosphere of the game.

League of Legends is a free-to-play title that supports itself by asking players to pay in order to play as their favorite characters.

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