LeAnn Rimes Wasn’t Drunk on X Factor, She Was Just Happy, Says Simon Cowell

X Factor boss laughs off reports singer was under the influence on stage

To all those out there saying LeAnn Rimes was either drunk or on pills during her duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on X Factor USA, Simon Cowell has one thing to say: that was the face and behavior of a very “happy” woman.

TMZ paparazzi caught up with Mr. Nasty himself the other night and, since he imported X Factor from the UK, considered he was the best to clarify the mystery around Rimes’ awful performance.

As you can see in the video below, Simon says LeAnn wasn’t drunk, she was “just very happy.” TMZ believes Simon’s smile and face actually say more than he does in words.

After the debacle on the Divas Duets night, LeAnn has gone into hiding.

Carly’s family, on the other hand, is said to be fuming mad that she would blame her terrible performance on Carly by saying she was just trying to help her out.

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