LeAnn Rimes Is Broke and Alone, Desperate for Cash, Says Report

Husband Eddie Cibrian has even turned to ex-wife Brandi Glanville for money

These past few years, LeAnn Rimes has been in the media more for her personal life than for her music and, according to a new troubling report, this also shows in her financial situation. The April 7 issue of Star magazine claims that the country singer is totally broke.

Above is the cover of said issue, which also claims that things with husband Eddie Cibrian are at their worst possible because they’ve been fighting over money a lot.

Apparently, LeAnn burned through all her millions and now, besides having to accept the reality that she’s broke, she might also have to learn to deal with the fact that Eddie is leaving her.

“Her millions are gone – and so is Eddie!” reads one of the headlines. “Ugly fights over money tear them apart. LeAnn’s desperate plastic surgery to keep him. Shameless Eddie begs ex Brandi for cash,” other headlines say.

E! News got a hold of one of copies of the print issues, which will be out at newsstands tomorrow, and can confirm that the mag is really running with the bankruptcy story, which it’s sourcing to unnamed friends.

Other juicy details from it: Cibrian “isn’t pulling his weight financially” and “has no money of his own,” while LeAnn is desperate to make money and “is exhausting every possibility she has to make a buck.”

As if money problems as serious as this weren’t enough, Star claims, LeAnn is also struggling to cope with the thought that Eddie might pack his bags and leave any day now.

“LeAnn recently told Eddie that she was scared he’d leave her if she couldn’t keep bringing in so much money, and it turned into a nasty fight. He told her to quit being paranoid, and she called him heartless. She wanted him to promise he wouldn’t ever leave her, but instead he just left the room,” says a friend, while another stresses that LeAnn is, in fact, “all alone” right now.

The story that Eddie would leave LeAnn when she stopped making money or when she started showing her real age or gained some weight has been around for a very long time and it probably originates from the fact that he cheated on his ex Brandi with LeAnn.

After a while, LeAnn started to emulate Brandi in everything, from the way she dressed to how much she weighed and even her breast implants, which has prompted bloggers to joke that the very second when LeAnn shows her true self and stops being a Brandi copy or when she stops bringing home the dough, Eddie is out the door.

If Star is on the money with this new story, this is precisely what’s happening right now. Then again, this is Star we’re talking about, so it’s best to take all of the above with a grain of salt.

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