Lawsuit Aims to Put an End to the Practice of Using Dogs to Hunt Wolves

Conservationists and animal rights defenders go against hunting practices in Wisconsin

Just recently, the US National Wolfwatcher Coalition, the Wisconsin Federated Humane societies and several other green-oriented organizations filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, asking that the latter refrains from issuing hunting permits which allow people to use dogs when going after wolves.

Apparently, the decision to file said lawsuit has to do with the fact that a new hunting season will begin in this state this October, and as many as 8,400 people have already asked for permission to engage in hunting activities also involving the use of dogs to track down and catch wolves.

The people who joined hands in filing this lawsuit claim that such practices are a violation of animal rights, as dogs are allowed and even encouraged to actually confront the wolves and can suffer serious injuries when doing so.

The press release posted online by the National Wolfwatcher Coalition reads as follows: “By failing to include reasonable restrictions on the training and use of dogs to hunt wolves, the DNR effectively authorizes, allows and facilitates cruelty to animals in violation of Wis. Stat. 951, the state law criminalizing animal cruelty and animal fighting.”

Furthermore, “Expert affidavits have been submitted in support of our motion for a temporary injunction. These experts assert that the DNR’s failure to impose even the most basic restrictions, like leashing and dog training, is certain to lead to violent confrontations, bloodshed and unjustifiable cruelty in violation of both animal cruelty and hunting laws.”

In support of their plea, said organizations bring forth past examples of dogs being killed or seriously injured as a result of direct interactions with wolves.

In spite of the lawsuit, sources say that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will continue to receive hunting permit applications until the 31st of August.

The only good news is that, at this time, Wisconsin is the only US state that still allows people to use dogs when hunting wolves, so should this lawsuit succeed in getting its points across, the country will witness a very important win when it comes to respecting animal rights.

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