Laurence Fishburne Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Tried to Evict Him

Actor comes in close contact with potentially dangerous man, takes no risks

Celebrities are confronted with extraordinary situations more than us regular people but, many times, they’re not the kind we should envy them for. Laurence Fishburne got a restraining order against a stalker, it has emerged.

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, TMZ reports that the stalker even tried to have the actor evicted from his own home, in the sense that he showed up and claimed that the house was legally his.

Consequently, he had the right to evict all residents he wanted to evict.

“Laurence Fishburne has just obtained a restraining order against a man who showed up on his doorstep on New Year's Day and demanded that the actor move out of his house,” TMZ writes.

“Anthony Francis allegedly told Fishburne he owned the house and the Fishburnes were there illegally. Laurence may have reason to worry. According to the legal docs, cops told Fishburne Francis was released from prison on XMAS day after serving time for cyber-stalking and making criminal threats,” the same report notes.

Documents reveal that the stalker contacted Fishburne several times over the past weeks, including by phone and mail.

A fortnight ago, Francis called the star to let him know that he was the rightful owner of his and his family’s home, which he demanded be vacated as soon as possible.

A week later, he left a note at the house saying the same and urging Fishburne to take immediate action.

“You are to leave this house immediately. This means all tenants are to evacuate ASAP,” the note read in part.

“The restraining order prohibits Francis from coming within 100 yards of Fishburne, his wife and daughter. Francis also can't go near Fishburne's house,” TMZ writes.

Laurence Fishburne isn’t the only star to find himself in such a potentially dangerous situation: just recently, the same happened to Taylor Swift, Kat Von D and Alec Baldwin.

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