Launch Date Revealed for AMD Radeon R9 290X Hawaii Graphics Card

At least that's what some people think after a press event in Turkey

There was no definite date set for the arrival of the new high-end graphics card from AMD, not during the livestream event and not afterwards, but now we might have actually found out when the AMD Radeon R9 290X would reach stores.

According to a local press gathering in Turkey, which DonanimHaber was able to get a scoop on, the launch will happen on October 15.

Or rather, that is when the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) over the card will end, at 12:01 EST (Berlin Time). The slides disclosed to the press said as much anyway.

The revelation fits with the previous report that pre-orders would be open as soon as October 3.

As we said before, only AMD's reference card will be available for a while, although some with factory-fitted water blocks will pop up too.

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