Latest Hitman Absolution Patch Wipes All Highscores

Some players report low performance after applying the update

Developer IO Interactive has just released a small patch for Hitman Absolution, which is meant to fix some balancing issue and bugs previously reported by players.

The full list of changes is detailed below, but some of these are not really working as they should:

- Added option to lower or disable Bloom effect;

- 'Change Cover' action can now be mapped on a separate key;

- Country leaderboards are now in the correct language;

- Weapon selector doesn't appear when point shooting anymore;

- Pausing game doesn't skip cutscenes anymore;

- Slightly improved general performance;

- Performance improvements for MSAA and HBAO;

- Fixed King of Chinatown behavior;

- Disabled use of all DirectInput devices (as they are unsupported);

- The disguise parameters on ‘Professional’ difficulties have been tweaked;

- Difficulty adjustments;

- Displayed high scores are now selected from all difficulty levels.

- Fix for negative scores;

- Fixed disappearing user interface on AMD HD 3650.

All players who applied the patch claim their highscores have been wiped clean, though the changelog mentions the update should fix negative scores.

The problem is better explained by Eidos Games forum member Volkie:

“I tried to play a few minutes, doing score finishing a level, restarted, problem still there. Score is nulled on all levels i've played so far. Overall score is there, but it's confusing

Edit: The level i've played finishing with score shows the "new" score in "level select", the rest of the score of the other levels is still missing.

Edit2: At the start of a level in game the score is shown in the upper middle screen, if i "level select" one i've completed before. So the score only isn't shown in the main menu/level select section.”

Moreover, some of those who play Hitman Absolution on Nvidia graphic cards report low performance after applying the latest patch.

There seem to be some problems with saved games, which may be corrupted after the patch, but the issue has only been highlighted by a few players.


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