Las Vegas Casinos Employ Ethical Hackers to Ensure They’re Not Vulnerable

Most cheating attempts involve the physical realm, but casinos want to be on the safe side

The Verge has published a very interesting piece on the methods used by Las Vegas casinos to make sure no one’s winning any money by turning to unorthodox methods.

The high-resolution cameras and the data analysis systems make it difficult for anyone to cheat, but casinos appear to be ready to handle even less likely scenarios.

While in most cases, the cheaters don’t rely on hacking or other techniques that involve cyberspace, casinos have hired ethical hackers to make sure they’re secured from this perspective as well.

“We do have ethical hackers on staff who stay conversant in that particular area [technological advancements], just to stay on top of, could it be possible to hack into Vegas,” the representative of one casino told The Verge.

“At present, I’m not aware of a significant presence of hackers, or folks from the outside trying to remotely perform some nefarious activity on a gaming system. The rings of cheats that we typically see involve the physical realm, where the people try to take advantage of the slot machine itself,” he added.

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